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Image Impact Intensity Reducer


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When you have been a witness or you have experienced something that is Visually Intense,, the Emotional Impact can be very Traumatic which can quite often repeat itself often as you mind returns to the image. This is something that many people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder will suffer from. It is benefical to have help to reduce the intensity and thus the Emotional Impact that these images hold. Image Impact Intensity Reducer works to simply reduce the imact of Visually Intense Images from the Mind of those being affected. Image Impact Intensity Reducer can also be activated for Personal Situations, Intense Imagery on Television or Movie Images as well as things that you read or stories you are told about. Since being attuned to this system, I have activated it on a daily basis which has resulted in me completely ignoring all forms of News, I dont watch the News anymore and if I see something on a Social Media site that mentally harms me, I will activate the energies straight away to bring instant and long lasting relief. 

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