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Higher Self Will Alignment


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Welcome to the Higher Self Will Alignment. A very special attunement channelled by Mariah Windsong. This distant attunement has been designed to bring aspects of your Higher Self into alignment with your conscious choices and priorities in your present reality. Your personality and being here in your body have made choices. You have grown and made decisions in your life. You have priorities which may differ from what your Higher Self would choose. So many people are reaching for their Higher Self, speaking of it as if by the word Higher that means “lofty” and knows better than you. I dare say that it only means that it has a viewpoint that is from the positioning of a previous set of instructions that were granted when you arrived in this body. Its directive may be more in accord with your Source Self, but not always. So many people’s lives are in chaos with change occurring in areas that they do not want, after asking their Higher Self for guidance and help.  Your Higher Self is going on instructions from your Soul but from when? There is a belief that the Higher Self will update every time you make a decision here in this reality and I wish it did but I am of the belief that we have to update the Higher Self consciously in regards to the priorities we have in our life when asking for help. 

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