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High Protection Circle Reiki


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The energies of High Protection Circle Reiki have been channelled to protect you from any dark energy {under any name it is called or anyone who sends it to you}. This energy is of a very high vibration but it is also very easy to use in order to create a very powerful force to repel psychic attacks, energy attacks, dark energy vibrations of any kind and all forms of jealousy, hate, and fear that might attach itself to you. This is not something that I say light-heartedly but these types of attacks are becoming more and more common within the online spiritual community where individuals are moving away from the light to work with the dark forces to harm others. If you have noticed or you feel confused, unable to function, or are overcome with fear and panic for no reason, the High Protection Energy Circle will help you to break, bind and banish these energies while surrounding you with protective energy from future attacks.   If you wish to take this form of healing further for profound healing and protection from negative forces, I highly recommend working with the Spirit Release Healing Method which will teach you more about how to protect yourself in times of need and how to help others to free themselves from negative forces, entity attachments, demonic influence and exorcisms. You can find more information about Spirit Release in the Attunements by Jay Burrell file in the navigation bar. 

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