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Herne The Hunter Initiation


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Herne the Hunter Initiation is a very Powerful Distant Attunement that has been brought forth by Phil. In Phils own words, for nature to be a Singularity, it is formed from both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine which come together in Oneness. To both Facilitate your working relationship with Here the Hunter into allow yourself to his Nature and what he can do for you!

You will be taught the following:

* The many Names and Faces of the Horned God.

* 5 unique Glyphs, which will unlock the secret ways of working with Herne.

* A very special Ritual to connect and work with the energies of Herne.

* A Mandala for your Shamanic Journeying work.

* A Mandala for Self-Healing.

* A Channeled Communication from Herne.

* 2 Poems which will help your understanding in a very significant way.

* A 32 page manual giving details, Stories and Methods for you to better understant the Male aspect within each of us.

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