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Heng O Attunement


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Taken from the founders own words – Heng O is the Chinese Goddess of the Moon and symbol of the Cold and Dark principle of the Yin aspect. Heng O was the mother of the 12 Moons and 10 Suns. She tried to steal the draught of Immortality from her Husband, the Celestial archer Shen Yi, but he caught her before she could drink it. The draught gave her the power of Ascend to Heaven but since she had only drunk a small portion, she only ascended halfway to settle on the Moon. She is portrayed in beautiful robes with a Lunar Disk in her right hand while sitting on a 3 legged toad. Unlike other Lunar deities who personify the Moon, it is believed that Heng O now lives in the astral realms of the Moon.

This is a very different attunement to many that I teach through the Academy in that it is more of an empowerment were you are connected to the etheric qualities of the Goddess who can then be called on to help you with Personal Healing and Healing others or if you perform rituals on a regular basis, you can invoke her presence to accompany you on your ritual journeys.

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