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Heart and Soul Reiki


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We all know what it means to put our heart and soul into something. Yet it is a concept that defies close analysis when it comes to defining exactly what we mean. To speak about the heart is to speak of our emotions, feelings, loves and deepest-held beliefs. To put one’s heart into anything implies a major commitment of one’s whole being. The soul is possibly even more difficult to define in a few words. According to many religious and philosophical traditions, it is the element of being self-aware or conscious, of being “me”, that is unique to each and every human being. It has an existence that is independent of the body and survives death. Within these traditions, the soul is perceived as the inner essence of the person. Heart and Soul Reiki creates a bridge between both of these aspects so you can work with a sense of oneness and alignment to all aspects of your physical and spiritual body. 

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