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Healthy Ego Reiki


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Healthy Ego Reiki has been created to help harmonise the ego self with the higher consciousness and divine spirit. Quite often you hear only negative aspects of the ego however the ego has a purpose which brings everything into perspective when it is in harmony with the higher self and energies of spirit. Many people work hard to remove the ego from their lives but this is just a waste of time because you cannot remove it. Instead of removing this aspect, why not work to harmonise the ego so you can tap into it for higher purposes. When the ego is out of balance, it is not in harmony with your higher consciousness and can actually cause emotional outbursts, keeping you stuck. This in turn prevents you from moving forward in your life, causing chaos. Working with the ego to heal, balance and harmonise it with the higher self puts the ego into perspective and can actually aid in your ascension. Working with the energies of Healthy Ego Reiki can help you to learn to rise above problems and issues that hold you back. It also helps you to have a healthy connection with your higher consciousness and work to help you achieve abundance, joy, happiness, love, harmony and spiritual growth. 

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