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Healing with the Saints Attunement Package


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Do you find yourself calling on the Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Totems during your healing sessions?    Do you want to connect with a group of beings who are only a prayer away and can help you in several areas of your life?    If you do then this package is for you.    During our life, we will call on many beings of light which include the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Animal Totems which surround us, but rarely do we seek counsel, advice, protection and healing from the Saints. While you do not need an attunement or energetic connection to work with the Saints, an attunement will open up a pathway to help you connect with them in a way that will help bring forth the blessings and gifts that they wish to bestow upon you. By working with the Saints, you will also learn how you can apply their healing energies to all areas of your life. This attunement package is easy to use and is activated by your heart-felt intention. Within each of the manuals, you will receive a prayer/chant/mantra that can be repeated a few times to ask for the Saint to come closer to you. 

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