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Healing through the Goddess of Avalon


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The Goddess is found within every creature of earth, in every form of life and yes, she is life itself! The energies of the goddess personify the life and the holy body, the circle of life and death, and the elements of earth, air, fire and water. She is around us in every moment of our existence. She appears in the rain, the wind and the warm beam of the sun. She is intuition, emotion, knowledge and feelings are all found within her. Whoever is touched by her love, knows what it is. Through this attunement, you will gain an understanding of what it means to set off on a new path of self-discovery. A new way to your future self. You will learn how to reconnect with the goddess within yourself in order for this aspect of your nature to be ee-awakened. The pictures in your imagination give you wings to walk new path’s in your life. It doesn’t matter how the Goddess is named, as the meaning is always the same. She is the Feminine aspect of the World, she is the Feminine aspect of Nature. The Goddess doesn’t want your Sacrifices, she loves you for who you are! The Goddess does not punish, she is diverse and she is alive in every man and every woman on Earth. It is now time to find your own inner truth because nothing is impossible and everything is possible. The only rule of the goddess is “HARM NONE!

You will learn about the following and much more:

* The Goddess Morgan Le Fey.

* Finding the Goddess – A Guided Meditation.

* 3 Goddess Symbols.

* Attunement Procedure and more

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