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Healing Pet Anxiety Reiki


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Have you ever had a pet that would destroy your home while you were at work or had popped out to the store?

* What makes them act this way?

* What can you do to help him or her to not get into things?

* Can Reiki help?

Within the Pet Anxiety Reiki manual you will find information that will help you to understand why your pet acts this way and yes Reiki can help! The energies of this attunement will bring a calming and soothing energy to your pet by helping your pet to feel safe. Simply by intending for the energies to flow through your home and giving your pet a simple yet effective healing treatment you will help your pet to feel safe, happy and calm while you are not at home.

On a personal note, I have found that in combination with this energy, leaving a radio on in the background with the sound down low can also help to ease your pets anxiety by giving him/her the impression that they are not alone and someone else is at home with them. You can also use Bach Flower Remedies on your pets simply by adding a few drops of this remedy to their water bowl 1-2 hours before you leave the house.

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