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Hand Care


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Hand Care is a very easy to use system of Energy work that gives you the Energetic Functions for Clearing and Recharging the Chakras within your Hands. Your Hands are in contast contact with the outside world yet they are also a direct link to the Divinity within. Additional skills may be awakened when you use this Attunement.

You will also learn about the following Energetic Functions:

Hand Chakra Cleansing

Hand Chakra Cleansing is an Energy Function that you will activate with Intention. The energies will begin to swirl through all Major and Minor Chakras of the Hand to help Clear and Align them in preperation for any Healing Treatment that you give to yourself or others.

Hand Chakra Skills Activation

The Hand Chakra Skills Activation works to guide you when you are performing Healing. After activation, you will sense where you need to place your Hands when performing Healing on yourself or others.

Hand Chakra Spin Ratio

BalancingChakras are Multi and Intra Dimensional so it is important that the spin ratio occur between the various Spaces, Times and Directions.

Ethereal Gloves

Ethereal Gloves work to assist those of you who have the gift of Psychometry.

Ethereal Hands Activation

We all have Etheric Hands that we can use while we are Healing or performing Divine Energy work. The Ethereal Hands Activation is important to help awaken those hands.

The Integration Ray

The Integration Ray will assist to integrate all of the new skills that you have awoken while also helping to balance the flow of energy through your Body.

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