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Guru Ram Das Miracle Empowerment


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Guru Ram Das was one of the Holy Sikh Gurus and is considered by the New Age Community to be an Ascended Master and Spirit Guide to many. This empowerment has been designed to help those of you who find yourself bogged down with difficult situations that need a “Miracle.” The energy will help you connect with Guru Ram Das to receive blessings and support. While there is no guarantee that you will get the resolution that you want, this form of energetic prayer will help create an outcome that is for the highest good of all concerned. Through daily of the Mantra provided you will gain the spiritual assistance to connect with a power higher than yourself which will remind you to Let Go! You can use this energy for your own issues. You can also give the energy to clients as an empowerment to help them overcome obstacles. It’s also wonderful to use this energy as a form of energetic prayer to help those in your life that you are worried or concerned about. 

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