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Gtummo Mao Shan


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Gtummo means Sacred Fire and is an art form of mystic teachings from Tibet. Gtummo also originated from the bibles of China called Mao Shan. The masters of Gtummo would often embrace the teachings of the bible into their existing knowledge to prevent the invasion of black magic and to achieve perfection and enlightenment in ones thoughts, words and actions. While working with the energies of Gtummo you will also gain a deeper insight and understanding about the Kundalini channel and how through these energies you will learn how to raise your Kundalini in a safe way. There are 4 separate attunements within the Gtummo Mao Shan system which are sent as individual initiations with 3 days between each initiation. By the end of your training you will be attuned to the level of “Vajra Master-Mao Shan” which will give you the ability to pass these attunements onto others.

Gtummo Exoteric

Mastering exoteric Gtummo is mostly beneficial in terms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Applying the energies of exoteric Gtummo is very simple since it does not require any concentration. The healing energies are intelligent and will flow to the areas that they are needed.

Gtummo Isoteric

Isoteric Gtummo in the intermediate level of Gtummo training that helps you to connect with a specific band of energies that are used as a way for you to connect with your true spiritual consciousness self encouragement and materialization. Practicing Isoteric Gtummo will also give you the spiritual tools that you can use to help survive in extremely cold weather which according to the founder can be achieved without any clothes attached to the physical body.

Gtummo Mystic

Mystic Gtummo uses advanced and distinctive spell-casting in its practice which can be used for a host of situations but its main purpose is to enhance your spiritual conscious which will enable you to tap into the vastness and depth of energies that you are given through Gtummo.

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