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Full Moon Release Empowerment


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The Full Moon Release Empowerment is an amazing healing energy that has been channeled to release all things that no longer serve your highest good. The Full Moon Release Empowerment is a beautiful healing energy that has been channelled from Source to connect you to the energies of the Full Moon which is a powerful and energetic lunar phase that one can use to release and let go of those things that are preventing you from fulfilling your lifes goals or spiritual progress. Once you are connected to the energies you can use them at any time of the lunar cycle to bring release, healing and empowerment.

The full moon is the quintessence of something that has reached fruition. The perfect time to let go and release. The energies of this empowerment will help you release all that does not serve you, including negative attachments to people, places, situations, etc. that you have been holding onto and that have been affecting your energy vibration. It enables you to let go, a wave of relief and liberation flows over and through you, making way for new beginnings, new energies to flow.

You can use these energies for the following and much more:

* To Release all that does not serve you.

* To utilise the energies of the Full Moon at any time of the Lunar Cycle.

* To connect you with the Healing, Empowering Energies of the Full Moon.

* To Clear Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Energy Blocks.

* To Liberate and Empower.

* To Recharge your Spiritual Energy.

* To Heal all Wounds.

* To Clear the Aura and Chakras of Negative Energies

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