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Fire Serpent Attunement & Activation


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Fire Serpent Attunement & Activation has a set fee of $45 but the founder also states that the teacher can charge a resonable price as guided so I have decided to bring it to you for the fee given.

Fire Serpent Attunement & Activation has a foundational vibration that works to stimulate and arouse the Kundalini Energy. It is also an attunement that encourages you to make contact with the Elemental Beings as the memebrs of the Devic Kingdom who resonate with this energy. It you wish to help healing mother Earth, Fire Serpent will help you. The Kundalini Energy or Serpent Power is purported to reside at th ebase of the spine where it wraps three and a half times around teh sacrum until it is activated. This is a very powerful and potent energy that you must use with caution and care. If you awaken the Kundalini, you may experience a wide range of effects ranging from sexual Feelings as the energy moves through the lower chakras to the crown where it can give feelings of Bliss and Enlightenment.

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