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Familiar Spirits Energy


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This system has been designed to help facilitate a connection with loved ones who have crossed over to the Etheric Realms. A Familiar Spirit is a Spirit who has crossed over, whom you have known from this lifetime or you might have known from another lifetime. For example, if you have a loved one who has passed away and regularly senses them making themselves known through Psychic Scent, Visions or Mental Images then this is a sign from them that they are around you. The Familiar Spirits Attunement will simply help you to connect with those who have crossed over. It will not make you Psychic overnight but it will over time work to expand your Psychic Awareness of their presence. The energy is one of Love, Compassion, Understanding and Positivity which can only be used for the Highest Good of all to aid in the connection and communication with the Spiritual Realms. To put it in simple terms, if you try to use this energy for Negative reasons or to manipulate the realms of Spirit for your own greed or ego it won’t work. The Vibrations will dissipate from your auric field and will never return! 

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