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Fairies of the Roses Empowerment


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This is one of those unique Distant Attunements that while at first I wasn’t sure if it was suited for me, I soon discovered that these were exactly the energies that I needed at this present time. The Fairies who get their name from the welsh word Fae Folk are probably the most misunderstood of all the realms of spirit. We readily accept the existence of the Angels as messengers of God and Guardians of Spirit. We accept the Ascended Masters as being guides to aid us as we ascend but Fairies or the Fae as they prefer to be called are more often than not only supposed to belong to the imaginary world of children. The truth is that the Fairies or the Fae are as real as you and me . They are the Keepers and Guardians of all aspects of NAture. The Nature Angels are the Fairies who take care of all Elements of NAture. Air, Fire, Earth, Soil, Grass, Rocks, Tree’s, Plants, Herbs and Flowers. Through your Sacred Connection to the Fairies of the Roses Empowerment you will gain a Magical connection to the realms of the Fae as well as the attributes of the Rose Fairy Energies. 

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