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Excess Fat Care


Excess Fat Care unfolds as a spiritual journey towards holistic wellness, encouraging a positive connection with your body. Embrace the fusion of Shakti energies and angelic essences, fostering a deeper understanding of your physical self. This system isn’t a quick fix but a supportive companion on your path to a healthier lifestyle. By intertwining energy work, mindful eating, and physical activity, Excess Fat Care serves as a beacon, guiding you towards a balanced and spiritually enriched life.

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Embrace Your Body: Excess Fat Care as a Spiritual Experience

Discover the Holistic Approach to Weight Management

At the Academy, we celebrate self-love and acceptance for every individual, regardless of their external appearance. We believe in embracing the uniqueness within, emphasizing that true beauty resides in the essence of one’s being. However, we understand that some may aspire to embark on a journey of weight management or yearn for a deeper connection with their bodies. Enter Excess Fat Care, not as a system to foster body dissatisfaction but as a spiritual experience—a transformative exploration within.

Introduction: A Spiritual Journey to Wellness

Excess Fat Care, a system nurtured by Mariah’s personal experiences, extends a supportive hand for those on a path of healthy living. Beyond the superficial, it delves into the spiritual realms, offering Shakti-based activations—a fusion of divine feminine intelligence and angelic essence. This system, woven with care, doesn’t promote disdain for any part of your body but encourages a spiritual connection with your physical self.


  1. Shakti-Based Activations: Experience the influence of Shakti, a feminine divine intelligence, responding to sincere intentions on your weight management journey.

  2. Comprehensive Energy Work: A spiritual flush and divine Shakti collaborate to address excess fat by harmonizing with your body’s cellular structures.


  • Natural Weight Management: Facilitate a reduction in excess fat through a holistic approach, combining energy work with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • Metabolizer Shakti: Learn to collaborate with the Metabolizer Shakti, supporting your body’s natural metabolic processes for effective fat reduction.

  • Cellular Memory Flush: Address emotional aspects stored in your body’s cells through a gentle yet powerful energy technique, promoting a healthier metabolism.

Key Features:

  1. Holistic Wellness: Excess Fat Care offers a holistic perspective, urging individuals to complement energy work with a balanced lifestyle, including healthy eating and exercise.

  2. Spiritual Flush: Dive into a spiritual flush designed to align your energies, fostering a profound connection between your spiritual and physical selves.

How It Works:

Excess Fat Care operates as a simple and comprehensive energy work system, blending spiritual flushes with divine Shakti activations. The Metabolizer Shakti collaborates with your body’s natural processes, aiding in fat reduction, while the Cellular Memory Flush addresses emotional imprints within your cells.

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