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Enchanted Angelic Crystal Essence Series


Embrace the transformative energies of the Enchanted Crystal Essence Series, a comprehensive and divinely guided system that connects you with the ethereal qualities of crystals. Through attunements, symbols, and hand movements, this series provides you with the tools to integrate crystal energies into your personal and professional healing practices. Uncover the unique attributes of each crystal, from grounding and protection to spiritual growth and abundance. Step into a world of energetic connection, where the wisdom of crystals enhances your spiritual journey and empowers your life on all levels. Open the door to the enchanting realm of crystal essences and let their energies illuminate your path to holistic well-being.

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Enchanted Crystal Essence Series: A Journey of Energetic Connection

By Reiki Master Gabriela Szafman

Introduction: Embark on a transformative journey with the Enchanted Crystal Essence Series, a divine set of attunements channeled by the skilled Reiki Master, Gabriela Szafman. Each attunement in this series serves as a gateway, allowing you to attune to the unique energetic qualities of various crystals. These attunements empower you to tap into the ethereal energies of each crystal, enhancing your healing sessions and supporting your spiritual path.

Benefits: Unlock a myriad of benefits as you choose to work with the energies of the Enchanted Crystal Essence Series:

  1. Chakra & Aura Alignment: Attune to the crystals’ energies to align and balance your chakras and aura, fostering a harmonious energy flow within your being.

  2. Spiritual Protection: Experience heightened spiritual protection, shielding yourself from negative influences and creating a sacred space for your spiritual journey.

  3. Psychic Development: Elevate your psychic abilities, opening doors to intuitive insights, telepathy, and increased spiritual awareness.

  4. Financial Abundance: Align with the energies that attract financial abundance into your life, creating a prosperous and balanced existence.

  5. Manifestation Power: Harness the ability to manifest your desires and intentions, bringing your dreams into reality through the focused energy of the crystals.

  6. Archangel Connections: Establish connections with Archangels, tapping into their divine guidance and support on your spiritual journey.

  7. God & Goddess Connections: Strengthen your connections with the divine masculine and feminine energies, fostering a balanced and holistic approach to spirituality.

  8. Spiritual Dreamwork: Engage in spiritual dreamwork and enhance your ability to recall and interpret dreams, gaining insights from the ethereal realm.

  9. Release from Fear & Anxiety: Experience liberation from fear and anxiety, as the crystals’ energies work to soothe your mind, body, and spirit.

  10. Connections with Your TRUE SELF: Forge a deep connection with your true self, unlocking self-awareness and embracing your authentic essence.

  11. Overcome Depression: The healing energies of the crystals support the release of depressive energies, promoting emotional well-being.

  12. Enhanced Astral Travel: Explore the realms of astral travel with heightened awareness and protection, guided by the ethereal energies of the crystals.

Specific Crystal Essences:

  1. Ascended Jasper Essence:

    • Combat exhaustion.
    • Gain spiritual protection.
    • Align and balance all Chakras.
    • Assist in weight loss.
    • Strengthen the immune system.
  2. Enchanted Agate Essence:

    • Aid memory conditions and truth discernment.
    • Support spiritual dreamwork and dream recall.
    • Provide protection from danger.
    • Foster connections with the divine.
  3. Enchanted Aquamarine Essence:

    • Open psychic abilities.
    • Strengthen courage and will.
    • Aid in meditation practices.
    • Connect with Ascended Masters.
    • Assist in overcoming addiction.
    • Align the throat chakra.
  4. Enchanted Bloodstone Essence:

    • Bring calmness to mind, body, and spirit.
    • Release fear and anxiety.
    • Increase wealth and abundance.
    • Connect with true inner self.
    • Detoxify the physical body.
    • Overcome depression and sadness.
  5. Enchanted Copper Essence:

    • Alleviate arthritis pain.
    • Enhance energy flow through the body.
    • Improve communication.
    • Facilitate channelling.
    • Increase self-esteem.
    • Foster attunement between the spiritual and mental bodies.
  6. Enchanted Coral Essence:

    • Reconnect with nature.
    • Quiet emotions and bring inner peace.
    • Facilitate intuition, imagination, and visualization.
    • Communicate with Ancient Ones.
    • Accelerate the transfer of knowledge.
  7. Enchanted Emerald Essence:

    • Enhance joy in life.
    • Awaken the third eye for prophecy.
    • Provide protection.
    • Attract financial abundance.
    • Foster harmony and wisdom.
  8. Enchanted Fluorite Essence:

    • Ground excess energy.
    • Cleanse the aura.
    • Raise spiritual awareness.
    • Establish past life connections.
    • Connect with the fairy realms and Goddess energies.
  9. Enchanted Onyx Essence:

    • Increase cell and tissue regeneration.
    • Enhance happiness.
    • Boost self-confidence.
    • Aid in breaking bad habits.
    • Provide spiritual protection.
  10. Enchanted Opal Essence:

    • Increase inspiration, imagination, and creativity.
    • Enhance astral projection.
    • Clarify psychic awareness.
    • Heal the heart chakra.
  11. Enchanted Pearl Essence:

    • Connect with moon and water energies.
    • Promote faith, charity, and integrity.
    • Facilitate spiritual connections with the Goddess.
    • Ease headaches, hypertension, and exhaustion.
    • Support hormone rebalancing.
  12. Enchanted Pyrite Essence:

    • Remove negativity.
    • Provide protection and shielding.
    • Support psychic development.
    • Boost self-confidence.
    • Attract wealth and fortune.
  13. Enchanted Ruby Essence:

    • Reawaken inner fire and vitality.
    • Protect against harmful intentions.
    • Resolve internal and external conflicts.
    • Support magic and spellcraft.
    • Connect with Ascended Masters.
  14. Enchanted Sapphire Essence:

    • Protect from the Evil Eye.
    • Clarify psychic messages.
    • Help achieve dreams and desires.
    • Foster connections with God and Goddess.
    • Awaken psychic abilities.
  15. Enchanted Silver Essence:

    • Boost the immune system.
    • Connect with the moon and Goddess energies.
    • Reflect negativity.
    • Enhance psychic abilities and dreaming.
    • Promote mental and emotional healing.
  16. Enchanted Tigers Eye Essence:

    • Enhance courage.
    • Attract wealth and abundance.
    • Provide spiritual protection and grounding.
    • Connect with Ascended Masters.
    • Release excess energy from the physical body.
  17. Enchanted Topaz Essence:

    • Enhance spiritual potential.
    • Increase creativity.
    • Connect with compassion, kindness, and empathy.
    • Soothe the mind, body, and spirit.
  18. Enchanted Tourmaline Essence:

    • Enhance understanding.
    • Boost self-confidence.
    • Increase psychic abilities.
    • Dispel fear and grief.
    • Facilitate astral projection.
    • Attract abundance.
  19. Enchanted Zircon Essence:

    • Bring peace within.
    • Attract abundance and prosperity.
    • Calm the lungs and bronchial tubes.
    • Facilitate deep inner healing for mental and emotional conditions.
  20. Angelic Amber Essence:

    • Transmute negative energy.
    • Attract good luck.
    • Establish connections with Archangels.
    • Awaken the inner child.
    • Support past life regression.
  21. Angelic Amethyst Essence:

    • Protect from evil sorcery.
    • Facilitate spiritual transformation.
    • Enhance understanding of hidden knowledge.
    • Develop psychic abilities.
    • Balance and heal all chakras.
  22. Angelic Aqua Aura Essence:

    • Align the chakras.
    • Increase psychic abilities.
    • Assist in meditation, telepathy, and psychic healing.
    • Enhance all forms of communication.
    • Establish connections with Archangels.
  23. Angelic Citrine Essence:

    • Attract abundance into all areas of life.
    • Promote general healing.
    • Awaken psychic abilities.
    • Build self-esteem.
    • Establish connections with Archangels.
  24. Angelic Lapis Lazuli Essence:

    • Enhance inner awareness.
    • Bring truthfulness, openness, intuition, and manifestation to life.
    • Strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.
    • Increase self-confidence.
    • Establish connections with Archangels.
  25. Angelic Malachite Essence:

    • Release stress.
    • Increase concentration skills.
    • Awaken inner psychic awareness.
    • Balance the energies of ego and higher will.
    • Provide spiritual protection.
    • Support general healing on all levels.
  26. Angelic Moonstone Essence:

    • Gain a deeper connection with the Goddess and femininity.
    • Strengthen intuition and psychic perception.
    • Receive blessings from wishes.
    • Soothe stress and anxiety.
    • Balance the Yin Yang and enhance higher spiritual development.
  27. Angelic Sugilite Essence:

    • Increase awareness during attunements.
    • Remove feelings of lack, anger, and pain.
    • Transmute all negativity.
    • Facilitate forgiveness of oneself and others.
    • Awaken psychic abilities.
    • Establish connections with Archangels.
  28. Angelic Turquoise Essence:

    • Align all chakras.
    • Provide protection during vision quests and astral travel.
    • Foster psychic development.
    • Attract financial abundance.
    • Enable the manifestation of desires and heighten intellectual abilities.
    • Establish connections with Archangels.

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