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Dragon Reiki 1&2


It’s important to note that these descriptions are often rooted in spiritual or metaphysical belief systems, and the understanding and interpretation of such concepts can vary among individuals. Whether one sees dragons as symbolic archetypes, spiritual guides, or representations of certain energies, the key is often in the personal meaning and connection that individuals derive from these practices.

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Dragons, as traditionally depicted in mythology, are mythical creatures and are not considered to have a physical existence in the natural world. They are often portrayed as powerful, magical beings with various attributes and are a common element in the folklore of many cultures.

In the context you provided, Dragons are described in a metaphysical or symbolic manner, representing certain qualities and energies that can be connected with for spiritual purposes. Here are some key points:

  1. Guardians of Knowledge and Spiritual Awareness: Dragons are portrayed as guardians of the gates of knowledge and spiritual awareness. This symbolizes a connection to hidden or esoteric wisdom that can be accessed through a spiritual journey.

  2. Attributes of Dragons: Dragons are described as strong, brave, clever, and wise. However, it is also mentioned that they can be cunning and cruel to those who abuse their power for egotistical means. This dual nature reflects the complexity often associated with mythical beings.

  3. Connection to Magic: Dragons are said to be closely connected with magic. This connection can be seen as an addition to spiritual practices involving spell casting or magical workings, implying a potential synergy between the practitioner and the magical forces associated with dragons.

  4. Guidance to Spiritual Path: In the context of Dragon Reiki or Drachen Reiki, practitioners are guided to a place where the forces of dragons will help them rediscover their true spiritual path. This guidance may involve seeing things that were previously unseen or veiled from consciousness.

  5. Energetic Re-connection: The practice is described as providing a full energetic re-connection with all aspects of the individual’s being, including mind, body, soul, spirit, and higher self. This suggests a holistic approach to spiritual and energetic well-being.


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