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Dragon of Reiki Grand Master


It’s important to note that the interpretation of symbols can vary, and the effectiveness of such practices often depends on the individual’s belief, intention, and experience. Working with symbols in meditation and healing is a common practice in various energy systems and Reiki traditions.

If you choose to explore these symbols, it’s recommended to do so with an open mind, sincerity, and respect for the energy work involved. Additionally, following any guidance provided by the system or its practitioners can enhance the experience and benefits of the attunement process.

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The Dragon of Reiki Grand Master system that you’re describing involves the use of specific symbols during meditation and healing sessions. Each symbol is associated with a particular aspect or quality, contributing to the overall spiritual progression and healing abilities of the practitioner. Here are the symbols you mentioned:

  1. Dai Shen (Great Faith): This symbol likely represents the importance of cultivating strong faith, trust, and belief in the healing process. Faith can play a significant role in energy work and spiritual practices.

  2. Sai Xin (Great Peace): This symbol is likely associated with promoting inner peace and tranquility. It suggests that cultivating a sense of peace within oneself is essential for effective meditation and healing.

  3. Dai Mingzhu Lung (Great Pearl of the Dragon): This symbol may be linked to the concept of hidden or profound wisdom, similar to the Luminous Pearl mentioned earlier. It could symbolize accessing the deep wisdom and knowledge associated with the dragon.

  4. Dai Tian Shi (Great Angel of Heavens): This symbol suggests a connection with angelic or celestial energies. It may represent seeking guidance and support from higher spiritual realms during meditation and healing.

  5. Dai Shu and Dai Jiking (Great Forgiveness and Great Passion): These symbols likely represent the balance between forgiveness and passion. Forgiveness is crucial for releasing negative energies, while passion can drive one’s commitment to healing and spiritual growth.


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