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Dragon Lightworker Energy Empowerment


As with any spiritual or energy work system, individual experiences and interpretations may vary. It’s advisable for those interested in exploring these practices to approach them with an open mind, sincere intention, and respect for their own spiritual journey.

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The Dragon Lightworker Energy Empowerment system you’re describing appears to be a metaphysical or spiritual practice that involves connecting with the vibrational energies of dragons for various purposes, including protection, guidance, support, and personal development. Here are some key points from the description:

  1. Channeling Dragon Vibrations: The system is channeled to help individuals connect with the vibrations of dragons, suggesting a form of energy work or attunement to tap into the dragon energies.

  2. Dragons and Lightworkers: The Dragons aim to assist Lightworkers in bringing forth their vibrational energies for protection, light, support, and wisdom. The connection between dragons and Lightworkers is emphasized for the benefit of humanity.

  3. Elevated Consciousness: The description suggests that the more elevated one’s consciousness becomes, the easier it is to tap into dragon energies. This aligns with the idea that spiritual growth and awareness facilitate a stronger connection with higher vibrational beings.

  4. Opening Hearts and Minds: Dragons are portrayed as willing to help, but this assistance is contingent on individuals opening their hearts and minds to them. This implies a cooperative and reciprocal relationship.

  5. Dragon Energies Manifestation: Dragon energies are said to appear in various shapes and forms, with a common manifestation being associated with power, magic, and sacred/hidden knowledge.

  6. Promoting New Levels of Consciousness: Dragons are presented as facilitators in accessing new levels of consciousness and wisdom that may have been forgotten, contributing to personal and collective evolution.

  7. Uses of Dragon Lightworker Energy: The described energy system is listed with several applications, including raising vibration and consciousness, clearing negative attachments, protection, releasing past hurts, uncovering truths and wisdom, rekindling inner fire and passion, illuminating the soul, grounding, and more.

  8. Protection from Negative Energies: The system is mentioned as providing protection from negative energies, psychic vampires, and psychic attacks, indicating a defensive aspect to the energy work.

  9. Healing and Rejuvenation: The energy system is implied to contribute to healing by releasing past hurts and painful experiences, promoting personal growth, and rekindling inner passion.


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