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Dragon Ki Reiki


The use of terms like “Dragon Ki” and the association with Reiki suggests that this system draws inspiration from Japanese energy healing practices. It’s important to note that such descriptions are often rooted in spiritual or metaphysical belief systems, and interpretations may vary among individuals.

As with any spiritual or energy work system, those interested in exploring Dragon Ki Reiki or similar practices should approach them with an open mind, sincerity, and respect for their own spiritual journey.

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 Dragon Energies in the context of the Spiritual Path is presented as symbolizing the power to combat evil and the will to protect people. This energy is equated with the qualities of a Spiritual Warrior or Warrior of Light, someone who actively opposes darkness and works towards the betterment of others. Dragon Ki Reiki is described as a transformative force at the highest levels of the spirit, providing protection against evil energies and spirits, as well as bringing physical and spiritual strength. Here are some key points from the description:

  1. Symbolism of Dragon Energies: Dragons are portrayed as symbols of power, representing the ability to fight against evil forces and protect people. The imagery is associated with the qualities of a Spiritual Warrior.

  2. Spiritual Warrior or Warrior of Light: The term “Spiritual Warrior” or “Warrior of Light” is used to describe individuals on the spiritual path who actively oppose evil and darkness, working towards bringing light and positivity into the lives of others.

  3. Protection Against Evil Energies and Spirits: Dragon Ki Reiki is said to provide protection against evil energies and spirits. This implies a form of energetic shielding or defense against negative influences.

  4. Transformation at the Highest Levels: Dragon Ki Reiki is described as a transformative force that operates at the highest levels of the spirit. This suggests a deep and profound impact on the individual’s spiritual essence.

  5. Physical and Spiritual Strength: Working with Dragon Ki Reiki is believed to bring both physical and spiritual strength. This could imply an enhancement of personal vitality, resilience, and spiritual fortitude.


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