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Dragon Energy Programme


Overall, the Dragon Energy Programme seems to provide a comprehensive approach to working with dragon energies at different levels of spiritual development. Practitioners interested in this program may find it beneficial for its diverse applications, from initiating connections to dragons, cleansing and healing, to spiritual protection. As with any energy work, individual experiences may vary, and practitioners are encouraged to approach the program with an open mind and sincere intention.

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The Dragon Energy Programme, as described, appears to be a structured series of attunements designed to facilitate a connection with dragon energies for various purposes, including healing, cleansing, expansion of awareness, spiritual development, and protection. Here’s an overview of each level within the program:

  1. Level 1 {Dragon Energy Initiations}:

    • Purpose: This level aims to help individuals connect and align with dragon energies, either for the first time or to strengthen existing connections.
    • Initiations: The initiation process opens individuals to accepting dragon energies in various forms, such as protection, unity, healing, grounding, transformation, and wisdom.
  2. Level 2 {Dragon Energy Cleansing Empowerment}:

    • Purpose: This level focuses on aligning individuals with the cleansing energies of dragons in a concentrated form.
    • Empowerment: The empowerment is designed to cleanse and clear energy bodies, removing negative attachments, blockages, and anything that no longer serves the individual. It can also be applied to chakras and aura for increased light.
  3. Level 3 {Spiritual Expansion with the Dragon Energies}:

    • Purpose: This level aims to raise the vibration, bringing forth dragon energies to expand consciousness and awareness.
    • Empowerment: The high vibrational energy from dragons is intended to bring harmony and healing to the physical and emotional bodies.
  4. Level 4 {Spiritual Protection of the Dragon Empowerment}:

    • Purpose: This final level focuses on bringing in the protective energies of dragons to shield energy fields and prevent negativity.
    • Empowerment: Dragon energies are utilized for protection against various forms of negativity, including residual energy attachments, negativity from people, psychic attacks, hexes, curses, unwanted etheric cords, and dense energy patterns.


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