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Dolphin Heart Reiki


The Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System seems to integrate elements of energy healing, chakra balancing, and dolphin symbolism to create a unique and transformative healing experience. Practitioners interested in this system may find the manual to be a valuable resource for learning and implementing the techniques involved.

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Dolphin Heart Reiki is a healing system that uses the energies of sight, sound, colour, light and the purifying essence of water. Through these connections you will experience a sense of being lulled into a womb like state to regain the dolphin essence that once was yours. This is the way to truly connect heart, mind and soul back to ancient times when the song of the Dolphin resided within every living being. This system activates your High Heart Chakra bringing towards you all the ancient truths for yourself, and human kind.

This is where the Celestial Dolphins come into their own. The Celestial Dolphins are giving us this beautiful gift of healing to help usher planet earth and humanity into their true divine consciousness and dimensional wisdom. We are awakening again to the ancient truths we all have within, and the Celestial Dolphins are here to assist this transformation of humankind. The Celestial Dolphins don’t represent what we see on earth’s plane, they are of a much higher vibration, and come to us from many other dimensions, much like the angelic realm. At this time the Celestial Dolphins have come to us in the form of Golden Dolphin frequency and a Pink Heart Dolphin frequency, for the High Heart Chakra creating the Dolphin Heart Reiki frequency.

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