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Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki 1-8 – The Next Step In LightCode Healing


The energies and symbols assimilated from Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki are integrated into this advanced system, indicating a progression in the practitioner’s journey towards a deeper understanding of oneness vibrations and divine truth.

Practitioners are encouraged to reflect on suffering, compassion, and humility, fostering a sense of inner peace. The Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki system is presented as a tool for personal and collective consciousness evolution, with each level building upon the previous, culminating in the attainment of the New Emerald Consciousness.

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The Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki attunements appear to be an advanced set of sacred initiations designed to continue the work initiated through Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki. The system consists of eight levels, each with its own focus and energies. Below is a summary of each level:

1. Level 1 – Divine Radiance and the Golden Rod of Infinite Light:

  • Connects with Divine Radiance.
  • Embedding and initializing the “Golden Rod of Infinite Light.”
  • Inflow of Diamond (golden) light building on previous layers.

2. Level 2 – Radiating Light Energies:

  • Radiating the received light energies outward for the benefit of all.
  • Simple healing practices with resting periods for energy growth and expansion.

3. Level 3 – Diamond Collective Gateway:

  • Introduces a new depth of understanding about the New Diamond Consciousness.
  • Leads towards inner clarity, truth, and freedom in life.

4. Level 4 – Continued Path Forward:

  • Assimilation of energies and symbols from Diamond LightCode levels 1-3.
  • Preparation to move forward into new levels of conscious awareness.

5. Level 5 – Golden Pillar of Infinite Light:

  • Journey towards the Golden Pillar of Infinite Light.
  • Expansion through a golden awakening.
  • Channelled message from the Diamond Guardians.

6. Level 6 – Intensive Healing Practices:

  • Short teachings with intensive healing practices.
  • Energies described as “vastly different” from level 5.

7. Level 7 – Final Phase of Darkness:

  • Addresses many layers of untruth about one’s identity.

8. Level 8 – New Emerald Consciousness:

  • Entrance to the New Emerald Consciousness.
  • Preparation through Emerald vibrations for Truth awakenings.
  • Birth into the consciousness of the Emerald Pathway.
  • A message from the Diamond and Emerald Guardians.

Throughout the levels, the emphasis is on deepening clarity, releasing untruths, and progressing towards enlightenment and ascension. The attunements are presented as a unique path for each individual, offering insights into personal truth and spiritual growth.


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