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Diamond Facets Soul Freedom Reiki


The Diamond Facet Soul Freedom system seems to offer a holistic approach to spiritual growth and healing by delving into the intricate facets of the soul’s experiences. Through emotional and spiritual cleansing, connection with past lifetimes, and the development of self-protection abilities, practitioners may attain a more balanced and enlightened perspective on their life journey.

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The Diamond Facet Soul Freedom system, as described through Elaine’s meditation sessions, appears to be a metaphysical approach to exploring past lives, the concept of the Over Soul, and the multifaceted nature of our existence. Here are some key points and benefits associated with this system:

  1. Representation through a Large Diamond:

    • Elaine’s meditation revealed a large Diamond with countless facets, symbolizing the diversity of past lifetimes and experiences.
    • Each facet may represent different aspects of one’s soul journey across various lifetimes.
  2. Clearing Stagnant Energies:

    • The Diamond Facet Soul Freedom system is designed to provide energetic tools for clearing old, stagnant energies.
    • This clearing process may involve addressing past pain, judgments, and hardships carried over from previous lifetimes.
  3. Emotional and Spiritual Cleansing:

    • One of the benefits highlighted is emotional and spiritual cleansing.
    • Practitioners may use the system to release and heal emotional burdens and achieve a sense of inner purification.
  4. Connection with Past Lifetimes:

    • The system aims to facilitate a connection with past lifetimes, allowing individuals to explore and understand their soul’s journey through time.
    • This exploration may provide insights into current life challenges and patterns.
  5. Self-Protection Abilities:

    • Gaining the ability of self-protection is mentioned as a benefit.
    • This could involve creating energetic boundaries and shielding oneself from negative influences.
  6. Balanced View of Life Path:

    • The system may contribute to gaining a more balanced perspective on one’s life path.
    • This balance could involve a deeper understanding of challenges, achievements, and the purpose of one’s journey.
  7. Respect for Mother Nature:

    • The Diamond Facet Soul Freedom system might foster a deep respect for Mother Nature.
    • This connection to nature may enhance spiritual awareness and appreciation for the natural world.


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