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Deep Red Reiki – Spiritual Protection, Grounding & Revitalisation


It’s important to note that the effectiveness of energy systems like Deep Red Reiki may depend on individual beliefs, experiences, and receptivity to energy work. Users are encouraged to approach it with an open heart and intention.

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Deep Red Reiki is described as an intense attunement that harnesses a specific frequency of light-based energy. This energy is believed to offer various benefits, particularly in areas such as protection, grounding, revitalization, and psychic-spiritual cleansing. Here are some key aspects and potential applications of Deep Red Reiki:

  1. Special Frequency of Light-Based Energy:

    • Nature: Deep Red Reiki is characterized as a unique frequency of light-based energy.
    • Purpose: This energy is intended to serve as a powerful force for positive transformation in multiple aspects of life.
  2. Areas of Application:

    • Protection: The energy is said to be effective in providing psychic protection, creating a shield against negative influences.
    • Grounding: Assists in grounding, helping individuals stay connected to the present moment and the Earth.
    • Revitalization: Provides revitalizing energy, potentially aiding in overcoming feelings of fatigue or depletion.
    • Psychic-Spiritual Cleansing: Works to cleanse and purify the psychic and spiritual aspects of an individual.
  3. Benefits of Deep Red Reiki:

    • Spiritual Awakening: Supports individuals in their spiritual journey, facilitating awakening and growth.
    • Reclaiming Personal Power: Helps individuals reclaim their divinity and personal power, fostering a sense of empowerment.
    • Enhancing Willpower: Aims to strengthen the will, providing a higher level of determination and resilience.
    • Auric Field Sealing: Assists in sealing the auric field with divine light, enhancing energetic protection.
    • Boosting Life-Force: Increases the life-force energy within the energy system, cellular structures, and DNA.
  4. Ease of Use:

    • Simplicity: Deep Red Reiki is described as a system that is easy to work with, requiring only heartfelt intention.
    • User-Friendly: Suited for individuals who appreciate simplicity and ease of use in energy systems.
  5. Individual Experiences:

    • Varied Experiences: Experiences with Deep Red Reiki may vary from person to person, as energy work can be subjective.


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