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Deep Healing Reiki


Deep Healing Reiki encourages individuals to explore and address deep wounds within their spiritual and emotional realms, fostering a sense of healing, release, and transformation. Users are encouraged to approach this system with patience, openness, and an understanding of the gradual nature of the changes it may bring.

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Deep Healing Reiki is described as a system of energy healing specifically designed to address deep wounds within individuals’ lives. These wounds are often hidden or repressed within the psyche and may have roots in previous incarnations or ancestral ties. Here are key aspects and features of Deep Healing Reiki:

  1. Focus on Deep Wounds:

    • Nature of Wounds: Targets deep spiritual wounds that individuals may carry, whether from past lives or ancestral connections.
    • Hidden and Repressed: Acknowledges that these wounds are often concealed or suppressed within the individual’s psyche.
  2. Spiritual Tools for Clearing and Releasing:

    • Empowerment: Provides spiritual tools to empower individuals in the process of clearing and releasing deep-seated wounds.
    • Minimum Trauma: Aims to accomplish healing with a minimum amount of trauma or detox symptoms, fostering a gentle and supportive approach.
  3. Gentle Energy Work:

    • Gentle Approach: The energies of Deep Healing Reiki are described as working gently, minimizing immediate changes but focusing on profound and lasting transformations over time.
    • Low Impact: Strives to bring about positive changes without causing overwhelming or distressing experiences for the individual.
  4. Time-Released Profound Changes:

    • Gradual Transformation: Recognizes that immediate changes may not be readily apparent, emphasizing that the profound and lasting changes will manifest gradually.
    • Long-Term Impact: Expects individuals to observe the positive shifts and improvements in their lives over a period of time.
  5. Minimization of Detox Symptoms:

    • Comfortable Healing: Aims to minimize detox symptoms, making the healing process more comfortable for individuals undergoing the energy work.
    • Supportive Transitions: Provides support for individuals as they navigate the healing journey, acknowledging that each person’s experience may differ.


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