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Dancing Flames Reiki


Dancing Flames Reiki is presented as a transformative and revitalizing attunement that taps into the symbolism of fire to bring about inner strength, passion, and a renewed sense of life. Practitioners are encouraged to explore the attunement during times of low energy or when seeking to rediscover their enthusiasm for life.

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Dancing Flames Reiki is introduced as a Reiki attunement designed to rekindle the inner fire, re-awaken inner passions, and ignite the flame of strength within the practitioner. This attunement is characterized by its gentle yet powerful nature, aiming to light a spiritual fire within the individual. The key features and benefits of Dancing Flames Reiki are highlighted as follows:

  1. Inner Fire and Passion:

    • Rekindling Energy: Dancing Flames Reiki is intended to rekindle the practitioner’s inner fire, bringing vitality and passion.
    • Inner Strength: The attunement is designed to awaken the flame of strength within, fostering resilience and empowerment.
  2. Connection to Sacred Source:

    • Energetic Source: Dancing Flames Reiki connects individuals to the energies of the sacred source.
    • Invigoration of Chakras: The attunement aims to invigorate the chakras and auric field with lively and playful energy.
  3. Campfire Analogy:

    • Fire Meditation: The concept of “Fire Meditation” is introduced, drawing parallels to the calming effects of watching a campfire.
    • Symbolic Dance of Flames: The attunement is described as working similarly to a campfire, where each flame has its unique dance, interacting with others to create a beautiful and powerful whole.
  4. Restoration of Energy and Spark:

    • Addressing Energy Drain: Dancing Flames Reiki is suggested for times when energy feels drained or when one is going through the motions without the spark for life.
    • Revitalization: The attunement is said to help bring back the spark for life, offering a sense of renewal and energy.
  5. Symbolic Unity and Individuality:

    • Flame Interaction: The analogy of flames interacting with each other symbolizes both unity and individuality.
    • Beautiful Wholeness: Like the merging flames of a campfire, Dancing Flames Reiki is described as working to create a beautiful and powerful whole within the practitioner.

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