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Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki 1-10 – A Quantum Leap in Ascension & Healing


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Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki is an attunement of transformation and divinely guided energies that work to open up your energies to deeply transformative forces as you move forwards to new pathways of healing and self-awareness. Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki will help you on your spiritual path as you continue to move forward in your Incarnation and as you transition into these truly divine and love-filled vibrations. Through this series of Attunements {10 in total}, you will be invited to continue moving through deeper and deeper layers of purification and healing so that you can continue to awaken and grow to the many new truths and understandings that add to your existing dimensional reality of love, healing and unity. These new frequencies, known to us simply as “The New Crystalline Consciousness” are an important step in energetic vibration for all of humanity and the universal consciousness. Due to the incredible leap forward that you will be taking, you will learn that you need to let go and release old layers of energy that are holding you back from progressing forward on your spiritual and life path. As part of the Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki series, you will be challenged and pushed towards letting go of old behavioural patterns, old modes of thinking and old lifestyle routines. Please know that above all, this is a very important part of your ascension journey towards a wider and deeper understanding of truth, inner peace and love. I understand that you have travelled far on your spiritual path where you have healed, purged and ascended to higher levels of consciousness and there have no doubt been difficult times that have come to the surface during this process. Always know that through the process of ascension inner darkness and energetic impurities have been brought to the surface for healing and transformation.

The Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki energies are given in 2 parts. The first of these is the “Phase of Spiritual Ascension”. This is received through the first 5 levels of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki. This first phase will help you to transition into the higher vibrations of the new Crystal Consciousness in a way that spirals your energetic vibration upwards and outwards at each layer of the healing and purification process. When you ascend and transition into the new Crystal Consciousness through the Ascension Phase, the full body of crystal light will have been installed within your energy system. The 2nd phase will guide you towards continued expansion and a more expansive way of connecting with the Crystal Light. This second phase has been aptly called “The Expansive Phase of Ascension & Enlightenment” and is studied through manuals 6-10. Throughout the Crystal LightCode Ascension Series, channelled information, light code encoding and the 10 sacred initiations will guide you in a perfect and loving way so you can evolve into higher states of consciousness through truth, oneness and unconditional love for all beings.

Introduction to Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki Levels 1-10

* Level 1 – I would like to take you on a journey of Spiritual Ascension. It is through this phase that you will begin the transition into the New Crystalline Consciousness.

* Level 2 – Within the 2nd level, I again welcome you to this new uplifting cycle of love and light. Within each of the ascension cycles, there will be a vast amount of healing, purging, purification, growth, learning, expansion and blossoming of the soul.

* Level 3 – During the 3rd level, the general format for receiving the energies will be very similar in that you will be guided through a series of chapters which will help you to heal, purify and ascend into a new layer of Crystalline Light.

* Level 4 – The 4th level of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki is your next step in the evolution of your Crystal Mind. This is a deeply embedded level where you will align with and resonate at the level of higher divine Crystal Consciousness. Your spirit connection will soar to higher levels of awareness as you continue to let go of many layers of old, superfluous energy so you can fully embrace the Crystalline Light.

* Level 5 – Level 5 is the final phase of ascension and steps into the vibration of the Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki energies. At this level, you will be welcomed into the new Crystalline Consciousness with divine love and sacred light.

* Level 6 – Level 6 brings forth the new phase of spiritual expansion, growth and divine oneness for it is here during these coming levels and the information that is given to you via the channelled manuals that you will expand into the new Crystalline Consciousness.

* Level 7 – At this next level of advanced healing and ascension, you will be brought to a deepened state of healing as you propel your life forward toward a greater understanding of your Crystalline Pathway.

* Level 8 – At this new and exciting level, you will be opening up to another layer of these beautiful expansive vibrations that come to you from the Love Expansion energies of the Green Ray. Here in the second layer of the Love Expansion, you will experience a series of transformations that come from within the core of your being.

* Level 9 – Welcome to the penultimate phase of your journey towards Crystal Ascension and the frequencies of the Blue Ray of Truth. Within the 9th level of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki, you will be asked to embrace the vibrations of patience and perseverance as you embark on a deep instillation of new truth-based energies.

* Level 10 – WELCOME to the final Attunement for Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki. It is here that you will be birthed into the New Diamond Consciousness for the infinite blessing of all. During the final level of Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki, you will be given the chance to connect with the Diamond Energies as they flow through the Soul Star Chakra and the 7 Chakras within the spiritual body, radiating outwards, touching all layers of your aura, pushing out impurities and expanding the energies of your subtle bodies which will simultaneously raise your vibrations to higher and advanced levels of divine healing and spiritual growth.

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