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Crystal Faery Shield Empowerment


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The Crystal Faery Shield Empowerment is a wonderful system that I have been working with for nearly a decade and only feel ready to start offering the energies to others now. It is my hope that you will receive the Blessings and Gifts of the Faeries to help you on your Spiriual and Life’s Path. The Crystal Faery Shield Empowerment offers you Protection, Cleasning and a sense of Releasement as you embark on your Spiritual and Life’s Path. The Faery will help you to shed he old to let go of the things that no longer server your Higher Self or Divine Blueprint. Theis amazing Healing Empowerment is a 2 step process that works on one’s Physical, Mental and Spiritual Bodies by helping to Clease and Release those Fragments of Unwanted Energies and Etheric Layers, Cleansing and Releasing those Fragments of Unwaned Energies and Layers and then Imprinting and Integrating a Protecice Crystal Faery Shield of Light.

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