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Crystal Diamond Light Empowerment


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Crystal Diamond Light Empowerment is a powerful system of Energy that flows to s from Sacred Source, working to Purify, Clease and Align all layers of your Etheric Body and Chakra System. The Energy is felt as a Pure Brilliant White Light which flows through a Crystalline Diamond Structure that is encoded into your Aura. Once you are filled with the light, the Facets of the Diamond reflect the light all around you, creating a strong Protective Shield. The Energies then send ot light to others around you, unifying us all in the light of the Divine. The Energy of the Crystal Diamond brings forth a Powerful Energy that is used to Illuminate your Soul, helping your True Light to Shine Forth. The Crystal Diamond amplifies Source Energies, holding them in and around you while at the same time sending them out to touch everyone and everything around you.

The Properties of the Crystal Diamond Light Energies include:

* Purity and Detoxifying Effects on Mind, Body and Spirit.

* Brings Forth Stamina, Vitality, Strength and Courage.

* Reduces Fear and Anxiety.

* Absorbs Positive Source Energy.

* Stimulates Creativity and Imagination.

* Brings Clearity of Thought.

* Unites you with Sacred Source.

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