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Cosmic Crystals Reiki


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Cosmic Crystals Reiki comes to us directly from the Nebulas which occupy the many regions of space as well as the Galaxies, Universe and Dimensional Realities. They are very similar to the Minerals which are found on Earth but many are not. They may appear as Dust, Smoke or Vapour without Aroma and they may carry a magnitude of Power and Potential from your intended purpose and use. They can however be destroyed by your Negative Emotions and Thought Patterns so always be careful when tapping into the Energies of this Attunement. As soon as they have been created, they will perform their intended function without any further attention or direction from you. You could say that the Energies are used in a similar way to those of the Etheric Crystalling Encoding Attunements that I channelled in 2019 which I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to work with the energies of Cosmic Crystal Reiki to also partake in the Attunements of the Etheric Crystalline Encodings, Spirit Quartz Essence and Celestial Crystal Empowerment attunements. 

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