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Clean Break Reiki


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Clean Break Reiki is a very simple to use distant attunement that connects you to the vibrations of Healing in order to help you to make a Clean Break during a seperation. This can be a seperation that manifests as manythings, including Work, Relationships, Friends or simply the need to make a Clean Break from your current life. The energies will help you to transition between Relationships, Friendships, Business or Life. You can also use this energy whenver you need to leave behind am aspect of your life so you can start anew.

Clean Break Reiki consists of 4 levels:

* Level 1 – In this level, the energy deals with Emotioanl ties, Outbreaks and Healing.

* Level 2 – This level focuses on all ties that are Psychological in nature.

* Level 3 – The energy of this level moves its focus to all ties that would prove to be of a Spiritual nature.

* Level 4 – The final level now constructs a Self Strenthen Web of Energy that surrounds the Physical and Spiritual Body.

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