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Clairsentient Awakening


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Clairsentient Awakening has been channeled to help open your Psychic Awareess to the ability to Feel and Know the Answers to Questions and to Perceive Information at a Distance. Within this easy to use Attunement you will learn how to put your Consciousness into various placed while you perceive Feelings and Information from other People, Placed, Animals and Times. Absolutely anyone can awaken their Clairsentient Abilities but how fast this awakening will occur and how Consciously you will be able to access the information that arrived to you is determined by your Higher Self and your Soul Self. Clairsentience is also known as “Paranormal Feeling”. It is a feeling sense that is highly sensitised and one that can accentuate any of your regular senses to bring through information from Spirit. This information can be in response to questions that you are asking your Healing Guardians of Light of Eternal Sacred Source or information that you have picked up from your Environment.

You will also learn about the following Energetic Functions:

Conscious Focus

This Function helps you to gain a better Conscious connection with the sensations that you will feel within your Body.

Clairsentient Feeling

This Function will increase your ability to Feel and Sense as well as increasing your overall Perfections of the Spiritual World around you.

Clairsentient Knowing

This Function will increase your ability to Consciously know the Answers to the questions that you ask Eternal Sacred Source.

Selective Awareness

This Function will remove any feeling that is not from your Higher Self as well as helping your mind to remember the information that you are given, especially if it is given through Trance Meditation or Channeled Information.

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