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Children’s Ladybug Protection


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Children’s Ladybug Protection has been designed to work with children but it can also be used by adults to empower the person with the qualities of the Ladybug. Children can be attuned to this system and can learn how to use the energy or you can use the form for their protection. This is a multi-purpose system, that also attunes you to the energy and attributes of the ladybug.

The Ladybug Attributes are:

* Protection

* Self-Love

* True Love

* Good Fortune

* Emblem of Luck

* Granting Wishes

Children’s Ladybug Protection can be used as a gentle form of protection for children when they are feeling vunerable or scared. This is a form that can also be used by children at night if they suffer with sleeping problems or nightmares. This is not a healing system in any way but is a spiritual and life enhancement form. The energies will help to raise one’s vibrational level to draw positive energy into the life of the child, parent or adult. The Ladybug is a major symbol of good fortune and luck. In addition, it can be used to cleanse areas, bring about good fortune, luck and positivity.

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