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Celtic Animal Zodiac Reiki


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Celtic Animal Zodiac Reiki attunes and aligns you with the 13 animals of the Celtic Zodiac, enabling you to call in these powerful energies for healing, spiritual advancement, guidance and much more. The energies can be used for self-healing and working with others. There are 13 signs in the Celtic Lunar Zodiac calendar, based on the 13 lunar cycles of the year. Each of us is born under one of the animal signs. You can use this system to both connect with your own sign and use the energies of the other signs to help you.   Celtic Astrology dates back to over 1000 BCE. The Celts were at one with nature and their environment and held animals and trees in high regard. They saw the animal kingdom as closely connected to their own world and carefully observed the characteristics of animals. Over time they attributed an animal to each of the lunar cycles, believing that each of us, depending on which lunar cycle we were born under, inherited the characteristics of the animal. Using this system can help you re-align with nature and the natural world and align with each of the animals in the Celtic Animal Zodiac. They are all animals we are familiar with and each held spiritual resonance with the Celts.

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