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Celestial Light Code Activations Lvl 1


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Celestial Light Language and Light Codes can manifest themselves in a variety of ways by offering many unique spiritual gifts to the initiate. The codes work by manifesting the product of your own divine guidance, guidance which you can receive through a constant stream from the universal consciousness and celestial intelligence. The light codes are usually given in the forms of energy patterns, sacred geometry, symbols and signs that you are not familiar with through your natural human language. They can also manifest themselves through colour, sound waves, light patterns, energetic frequencies and etheric vibrations. The purpose of these new light codes is to offer the gifts that creation has to offer and that is why they express the diversity and individuality of life in its totality, through the different forms of their manifestation.

The sacred codes will more than likely not make any sense to the logical mind, however they are perceived and understood by the higher perception of your soul that act through your divine origin. When this occurs, the soul will activate triggers within you subconscious mind which will lead to the total activation of the light code or an inner change or manifestation of the light code and their messages. They are mostly transmitted to us through the realms of ether but can also be given to us through telepathic connections with the ascended masters and celestial light guides. When I speak about ether this refers to the 5th element within the spiritual world which is also known as Akasha. Akasha is the material where everything is being recorded, as a worldwide memory. It is also the name that we give to the “Akashic Records”. Akasha is a book that contains the history of all beings from humans to beings from the astral world. Ether creates all other elements and through the vibrations of sound and communication it is transmitted within the realm of spirit. Lastly, the realms of inner healing uses ether to connect all beings via telepathic communication while allowing them to communicate through thoughts and sound.

Since light codes are transmitted to us through divine communication as part of the effort from the ascended masters, they are also transferred to us through ether. To simplify this message, the use and purpose of the celestial light codes can be seen as attunements and co-ordinations. What is important to understand is whether the light code is activated in us at the moment when we receive it or if it is activated within us at a later date via our etheric background.

You will learn about the following and much more:

* Ascension & DNA Activation.

* Starseed Light Code & DNA Meditation.

* Light Language.

* Where Do Light Codes Come From.

* Light Code Carriers And How To Become One.

* Are You a Light Code Carrier?

* Guided Meditation to Become a Light Code Carrier!

* Activating The Light Codes.

* Connection With Your Spiritual Aspect – A Guided Meditation.

* Creating Your Own Light Codes & How They Can Benefit You.

* Crystal Chakras Light Code Encodings.

* The Crystalline Chakra Light Body Encodings.

* 3D, 4D, 5D – The Different Dimensions.

* The Higher Chakra Trilogy.

* Prayers & Divine Communication.

* Divine Blessings.

* How To Work With The Celestial Light Code Activation Energies and Crystalline Encodings.

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