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Blessings of the Divine Mother


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Today we are seeing the re-emergence and reverence for the divine mother. This reverence was once a common place in past ages and through the age of Aquarius there has been a rise in the great cosmic cycle in the spiritual evolution of celestial consciousness. This new age is intended to bring about deep spiritual transformation and divine healing unlike anything that we have seen or felt before. It is in this age when our awareness of god as mother and holy spirit will come to the forefront of our consciousness. The divine mother, also called the universal mother or cosmic virgin is the feminine polarity of the godhead energies. She is the divine opposite of god, the celestial father. In the east she is known as quan yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy and in the west she is known as mary, mother of jesus but these are only two of her divine manifestations. Being multi-faceted, the divine mother has many faces, with each facet of her energies in constant flux. The concept of the divine mother embraces and yet transcends all belief systems. In judaism the divine mother is known as Shekhinah, which means “divine presences”. In hinduism she appears as Shakti. In Buddhism she is known as Prajnaparamita and in Egyptian traditions she is seen as the goddess isis. In several texts of the bible, specifically the old testament and the catholic apocrypha, the feminine aspect of the divine is called “wisdom”, just as the christian faith calls her mary who symbolically represents the womb of the mother. The mother anchors the energies released from spirit {father} into matter {mother}. She brings the formlessness of spirit {father} into form. The divine feminine is the highest expression or aspect of man and woman and we need both mother and father to reach a state of balance and wholeness. Through the channeled information that I have received, you will gain knowledge, awareness and an encoded connection to several aspects of the divine mother which you can use for personal healing, spiritual progression, self awareness, enlightenment and ascension. You are however also encouraged to do your own research into the many aspects of the divine mother.

You will learn about the following aspects of the Divine Mother and much more:

* Saint Germain, Lady Portia and the Violet Flame

* The Divine Mother – Mother Mary

* The Immaculate Heart of Mary

* The Divine Mother – The Goddess Quan Yin {Kuan Yin}

* Avalokitesvara-Kuan Yin

* The Divine Mother – Tara

* Tara and Kuan Yin

* The Bodhisattva Tara

* The Bodhisattva Vows

* The Divine Mother – Prajnaparamita

* The Divine Mother – Sarasvati

* The Divine Mother – Sophia

* The Divine Mother – Goddess Isis

* The Divine Mother – Durga

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