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Angelic Senses Attunement


The Angelic Senses Attunement provides a framework for individuals to deepen their spiritual connection with angels by opening and heightening their senses. Whether it’s the ability to see, hear, feel, or even smell the presence of angels, this attunement seeks to enhance practitioners’ awareness of the higher realms over time. By fostering a trusting and intuitive relationship, individuals are encouraged to embrace the subtle energies associated with the Angelic Realms and develop a more conscious and profound interaction with these celestial beings.

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The Angelic Senses Attunement is a distant attunement designed to establish a spiritual connection with the Angelic Realms, enhancing an individual’s receptivity to the subtle energies associated with angels. This attunement aims to open and heighten the practitioner’s senses, allowing for a more profound and conscious interaction with the higher realms.

Key Components:

  1. Purpose and Awareness:

    • The attunement is centered around the idea of understanding and accepting the existence of angels without questioning.
    • Focuses on helping practitioners become more aware of the Angelic Realms by opening their senses to higher vibrational frequencies.
  2. Connection to Angels:

    • Aims to establish a spiritual connection with angels, fostering an environment where individuals can be more open with their inner selves.
    • Encourages practitioners to develop a trusting and intuitive relationship with angelic energies.
  3. Enhanced Awareness:

    • Recognizes that individuals vary in their openness to subtle energies, and the attunement is designed to support those who may find it challenging to reach higher states of awareness.
    • Offers a gradual and transformative process, allowing practitioners to develop over time the ability to see, hear, feel, and even smell the aroma of angels.

Special Consideration:

  • The attunement is channeled by Rowan Stanford Efoulkes, indicating a personalized and intentional approach to the connection with angelic energies.
  • The focus on sensory enhancement suggests a holistic development of one’s spiritual perception and receptivity.

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