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Angelic Intervention Reiki


Caroline’s system offers a comprehensive understanding of angels as spiritual beings and provides practical guidance on connecting with them for assistance. By acknowledging the unique qualities of each angel and recognizing the importance of free will, individuals can access the energies of this system to seek guidance, protection, and support in various aspects of their lives. The manual serves as a valuable resource for those interested in exploring the realms of angels and their potential impact on personal and spiritual growth.

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The system described by Caroline provides an empowering approach to connecting with the realms of angels for assistance, guidance, and support. The manual emphasizes the spiritual nature of angels, recognizing them as messengers of God existing in a dimension different from our own. It sheds light on the stereotypical depictions of angels, often portrayed with wings, and explains that angels, as spiritual light beings, can adopt recognizable forms for the benefit of human understanding.

Key Insights from the Manual:

  1. Non-Physical Form:

    • Angels are described as spiritual light beings without a physical form as commonly perceived.
    • The stereotypical angelic forms, including wings, are recognized as symbolic representations rather than literal depictions.
  2. Messengers of God:

    • Angels are messengers of God, residing in a different dimension.
    • Their role is to assist humankind, but they cannot intervene without permission due to the principle of free will.
  3. Adopting Recognizable Forms:

    • Angels can adopt forms recognizable to humans, and over time, a stereotypical “angel” form has become associated with them.
    • The adoption of familiar forms facilitates communication and connection with individuals seeking angelic guidance.
  4. Unique Abilities and Expertise:

    • Each angel is described as unique, with distinct abilities and areas of expertise.
    • Angels can assist in various ways, offering guidance, protection, communication, and wisdom.
  5. Free Will and Angelic Intervention:

    • Angelic intervention is contingent on human permission due to the principle of free will.
    • Even if angels foresee potential issues, they cannot act without being invoked or asked for assistance.
  6. Calling on Angels for Help:

    • The system’s energies enable individuals to call on angelic help for intervention in various life situations.
    • Angels can assist in matters such as healing, abundance, fertility, forgiveness, psychic development, guidance, peace, and interactions with animals.
  7. Major Archangels:

    • The manual covers the four major archangels, providing insights into their roles and areas of influence.
    • Each archangel is associated with specific qualities and can be called upon for assistance.
  8. Diverse Areas of Support:

    • Angels can offer support in diverse areas of life, addressing both spiritual and practical aspects.
    • The manual outlines the multitude of angels that individuals can call upon based on their unique abilities and areas of focus.

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