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Angel Reiki for Children


Angel Reiki for Children emerges as a compassionate and purposeful energy system, offering practitioners the tools to create a harmonious environment for children’s growth. By tapping into the angelic frequencies, incorporating semi-precious stones, and understanding the significance of color therapy, practitioners can provide holistic support for young souls. The attributes of 20 different angels further enrich the system, allowing practitioners to tailor their energy work to specific aspects of children’s development. As a result, Angel Reiki for Children becomes a valuable resource for those seeking to contribute positively to the well-being and spiritual journey of the younger generation.

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Angel Reiki for Children is a gentle and loving energy system designed to connect practitioners with the vibrational frequencies of 20 angelic beings. Tailored specifically for working with children, this system aims to provide assistance and guidance in the personal and spiritual development of young souls. By incorporating angelic energies, semi-precious stones, and color therapy, practitioners can create a supportive and nurturing environment for children to thrive.

Key Elements of Angel Reiki for Children:

  1. Gentle and Loving Energy:

    • Emphasis on the gentle and loving qualities of the energy system.
    • Designed to resonate with the vibrational frequencies of 20 angelic beings.
  2. Supporting Children’s Development:

    • Focus on assisting and guiding children in their personal and spiritual development.
    • Acknowledgment of children’s openness to the spiritual realms.
  3. Connection with Angelic Assistants:

    • Facilitation of a connection with 20 different angels.
    • Guidance on how practitioners can work with angelic energies to support children.
  4. Working with Semi-Precious Stones:

    • Incorporation of semi-precious stones to enhance the energy work.
    • Guidance on choosing stones that soothe and protect children.
  5. Color Therapy for Children:

    • Spiritual teachings about the attributes of colors in relation to children’s development.
    • Understanding how color therapy can positively impact a child’s environment.
  6. Attributes of 20 Different Angels:

    • Comprehensive information on the names and attributes of each of the 20 angels.
    • Guidance on how practitioners can invoke and work with specific angels for various purposes.
  7. Spiritual and Metaphysical Support:

    • Recognition of the absorbent nature of children’s spirits and the impact of their environment.
    • Integration of metaphysical energies to support children’s overall well-being.

Benefits of Angel Reiki for Children:

  1. Nurturing Environment:

    • Creation of a nurturing and supportive environment for children’s growth.
    • Use of gentle energy to foster a sense of security and comfort.
  2. Guidance and Assistance:

    • Access to angelic energies for guidance and assistance in children’s personal development.
    • Connection with angelic assistants to enhance spiritual support.
  3. Incorporating Gemstones:

    • Utilization of semi-precious stones to amplify and complement the energy work.
    • Understanding the properties of stones that benefit children.
  4. Color Therapy for Children:

    • Application of color therapy to positively influence children’s development.
    • Awareness of how specific colors can contribute to a harmonious environment.
  5. Spiritual and Personal Development:

    • Empowerment of children in both personal and spiritual aspects.
    • Integration of metaphysical energies to support overall well-being.
  6. Angel Connections:

    • Introduction to 20 different angels with distinct attributes.
    • Opportunities to work with specific angels for targeted purposes.

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