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Angel Light Initiation


The Angel Light Initiation serves as a foundational and empowering gateway to the Angelic realms. With a focus on attunements, symbols, and connections with specific Angelic beings, individuals can deepen their spiritual journey, receive guidance, and share the transformative energies of Angelic Light with others. The versatility of applications makes this initiation a valuable resource for those seeking to integrate Angelic energies into their spiritual practices and healing work.

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The Angel Light Initiation is a foundational Angelic-based attunement that provides a deep connection to the Angelic realms. As one of the first Angelic attunements channeled by the spiritual teacher, it encompasses comprehensive information about Angels, Archangels, and specific attunements aimed at expanding spiritual awareness.

Key Components of the Angel Light Initiation:

  1. Manual Overview:

    • A concise yet comprehensive manual covering various aspects of Angels, including the Spheres of Angels and Archangels.
    • Emphasis on understanding the roles and energies of different Angelic beings.
  2. Angelic Symbols:

    • Three Angelic symbols are encoded into the Auric Field during the attunement.
    • These symbols serve as energetic tools to connect with the Angelic realms and share Angelic energies with others.
  3. Attunements Received:

    • The Third Eye Attunement: Enhances the opening and activation of the Third Eye, facilitating clearer spiritual vision.
    • The Upper Astral Crown Initiation: Focuses on the activation and attunement of the Upper Astral Crown, connecting to higher spiritual dimensions.
    • The Heart Attunement: Activates and aligns the heart center for increased love, compassion, and connection with Angelic energies.
  4. Connection with Angelic Beings:

    • Guidance on connecting with specific Angelic beings during healing sessions and meditations.
    • Featured Angelic Beings: Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Labbiel, Archangel Uriel, Angel of the Christ Presence, Angel of Open Heart, Angel of Dreams Come True, Angels in Core of the Earth, Angel of Divine Mother of Creation, Angel of the I AM Presence, Angel Rasiel, Twelve Solar Angels.
  5. Practical Applications:

    • Performing a standard Angel Healing: Guidance on using Angelic energies for healing sessions.
    • Invocation of Angels with a dedicated Prayer: Instructions on invoking Angelic assistance through prayer.
    • Attuning Others: Learn how to attune others to Angelic energies, sharing the Angel Light Initiation.

Benefits of the Angel Light Initiation:

  1. Enhanced Spiritual Awareness:

    • Deep connection to the Angelic realms fosters heightened spiritual perception and awareness.
  2. Energetic Tools for Connection:

    • Angelic symbols serve as energetic tools for connecting with and channeling Angelic energies.
  3. Heart-Centered Activation:

    • The Heart Attunement activates the heart center, promoting love, compassion, and openness.
  4. Guidance from Archangels:

    • Connection with Archangels and other Angelic beings provides guidance, protection, and support.
  5. Versatility in Healing:

    • Practical applications offer versatility in using Angelic energies for healing, meditation, and spiritual growth.
  6. Empowerment to Attune Others:

    • Learn the skills to attune others, extending the blessings of the Angel Light Initiation.

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