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Angel Fire Protection Reiki


Angel Fire Protection Reiki emerges as a powerful and unique system that combines the benefits of energy healing with the direct involvement of the Holy Archangels. The focus on clearing psychic contamination and negativity, coupled with the versatility to address various scenarios, makes this system a valuable tool for practitioners seeking angelic support in their energetic clearing practices. As individuals engage with the energies of Angel Fire Protection Reiki, they open themselves to a heightened level of protection and purification, guided by the divine presence of the Archangels.

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Angel Fire Protection Reiki is a potent system of energy healing that has been channeled with the assistance of the four Holy Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. This unique attunement is designed to provide practitioners with angelic support for clearing various forms of negativity, psychic attack, and psychic vampirism. What sets this system apart is the direct involvement and blessings of the Archangels in the clearing process.

Key Features of Angel Fire Protection Reiki:

  1. Archangelic Assistance: The attunement involves the participation and guidance of the four Holy Archangels—Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. These powerful angelic beings contribute their blessings and support to the clearing process, making it a unique and potent system.

  2. Clearing Psychic Contamination: Angel Fire Protection Reiki is specifically focused on clearing psychic contamination from the auric field and chakras. It addresses negative energies that may result from intentional psychic attacks or unintentional absorption of negative forces from the environment.

  3. Comprehensive Clearing: The energy of this system works to remove negative energies not only from individuals but also from objects, people, and places. It provides a comprehensive approach to clearing, making it versatile for a range of applications.

  4. Vibrational Frequencies: The energies are directed through the 3rd Eye, Heart, Higher Heart, and Palm Chakras. Practitioners are encouraged to have a basic understanding of the chakra system and energy projection to effectively use these vibrational frequencies for clearing purposes.

Practical Application:

  • Psychic Attack Clearing: Utilize Angel Fire Protection Reiki for clearing psychic attacks, whether conscious or unconscious. The angelic support enhances the clearing process, offering a layer of divine protection.

  • Negativity Clearing: Clear negative energies from your auric field, chakras, objects, or spaces. The system’s versatility allows practitioners to address various forms of negativity that may affect their well-being.

  • Archangelic Blessings: Connect with the blessings and assistance of the Archangels—Michael for protection, Gabriel for communication, Raphael for healing, and Uriel for enlightenment. Invite these angelic beings into the clearing process to amplify the effectiveness of the energies.

  • Energetic Projection: Develop proficiency in directing the vibrational frequencies through the designated chakras. This involves a basic understanding of the chakra system and energy work to project healing energies toward specific targets.

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