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999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy


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The Abundance in your life is determined by the Energy you are aligned with. When yor Energy is low for whatever reason, it is dificult to raise the level of Abundance in your life. With the help of Ascended Master El Morya you are given this Energy System in order to assist your life to raise your Vibrations to the Energetic Energy of 999 Silver Ray Abundance. It can also raise your Energy enough for you to jump into the next level of Spiritual Abundance which is that of Pure Thought, Pure Power and Pure Awareness. If for any reason you do not feel Abundant in your life, if you do not have the flow of Abundance that you are needing at this time, this system can help yo to shift your mindset into a new frame of awareness to allow all forms of Goodness to come forth to you. It is important for you to know that no matter what level you are in, you can raise your Abundance Energy through the 999 Silver Ray Energies.

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